About us


  My name is John Lajara founder, CEO and brand pioneer of the CEO T-Shirt Guru Brand. Despite the odds, uncomfortable situations, and moments that made me feel useless, I have achieved!  With full determination and boldness, I soared through the storms of the highest peaks, out of desperation and rejection I conquered and achieved a dream, my dream! The CEO T-Shirt Guru Brand is a testament of the need to prove myself, it made me believe that you cannot depend on anyone to assist you with anything including your dreams. You have to do it for you, no one else would assist you as this was the case with my story - feeling useless, disappointed, rejected and let down by someone I thought could help me on my website idea & project, I made a firm resolve to do it myself. So I sat down in front of my computer for 2days 8hours a day and I learned the entire Shopify system, it's pro's, cons and elements. That was a stepping stone in conceiving the CEO T-Shirt Guru Brand. A few factors aided me when the going was tough, one of them was the push I got from listening to positive podcasts and videos of the legendary motivational speaker, author and minister Dr. Eric Thomas the hip hop preacher- who by his consulting, coaching and development prowess made me thirst for success solely based on my own efforts. He made me realize that by “kicking your attitude and motivation into Beast Mode every single day and putting in nothing but 100%, only then can you shoot for the stars even striking the sun and beyond. 

  And that is most certainly my goal with the CEO T-Shirt Guru Brand because we are setting the tone with a vast array of customized products specially crafted and designed to suit your style and taste with exclusively designed premium T-Shirts made especially for those who grind 24/7.